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E4D One-Visit Crowns

In many dental practices, receiving a custom dental crown can require multiple appointments over several weeks. At Nguyen Dental Practice in Stockton, however, we have cut that time down to just one day thanks to E4D technology. Our E4D one-visit crowns are beautiful restorations that can be designed, milled, and placed over the course of a single appointment. These durable and strong crowns are the perfect option for many patients. Dr. Nguyen may recommend an E4D one-visit crown to restore:

  • Teeth that have had root canal therapy
  • Teeth with significant decay
  • Uneven, fractured, broken, or cracked teeth
  • The beauty of your smile

Once in place, your E4D one-visit crown will improve the function, health, and radiance of your smile. You can learn more about E4D same-day dentistry by calling or visiting our office. We look forward to answering your questions!