Dental Implants in Stockton, California

Dental implants are changing dentistry as we know it. Used to replace missing teeth, dental implants will replace both the crown of the tooth and the tooth’s root, providing unsurpassed stability and security to your smile. At our office, we use Biocare® implants for their high quality. The implant process requires several months and involves surgically placing a titanium man-made root (implant) into the jawbone. After you have had time to heal, Dr. Nguyen will attach a dental implant restoration to the implant. This restoration could be:

  • A crown
  • A bridge
  • A complete or partial denture

When complete, your dental implant will look, feel, and function like a natural tooth. If you are missing teeth, call Nguyen Dental Practice in Stockton today to schedule an implant consultation with Dr. Nguyen and discover how implant dentistry can change your life for the better!