Smile Design

Have you always wanted a more beautiful smile? Are you unhappy with the current appearance of your teeth? If you answered yes to either of those questions, Nguyen Dental Practice can help. We provide smile design services to give you the radiant, flawless smile that you have always wanted. Some of our smile design services include:

  • Invisalign® clear aligners
  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Same-day, aesthetically pleasing crowns
  • Custom bridges, dentures or implants

Achieving a more radiant smile can be a reality thanks to our dentist and team. Call our office today at 209-478-6466 to schedule your consultation with our dentist and learn more about smile design in Stockton, California. We look forward to giving you something to smile about!

Smile Analysis

Do you wonder if smile design is right for you? Use our questionnaire to help determine if you should visit with our dentist. If you answer “yes” to many of these questions, we encourage you to give us a call!

  • Are your teeth yellow, stained or discolored?
  • Would you like your teeth to be whiter?
  • Do you have gaps or spaces between your teeth?
  • Are your teeth turned, crooked or uneven?
  • Are you missing any teeth?
  • Do you see any pits or defects on the surfaces of your teeth?
  • Are the edges of your teeth worn, chipped or uneven?
  • Do any of your teeth appear too small, short, long or large?
  • Do your teeth seem misshapen or pointed?
  • Are your two upper front teeth slightly longer or shorter than your other teeth?
  • Are your lower front teeth crooked or uneven in appearance?
  • When you bite, do your front teeth come into contact?
  • When you bite on your back teeth, do your front teeth come into contact?
  • Do you have any cavities or decay on your teeth?
  • Do you have any prior dental work that looks unnatural?
  • Do your crowns or bridges appear dark at the edge of your gums?
  • Do you have any gray, black or silver fillings?
  • Are your gums sore, red, puffy or bleeding?
  • Have your gums receded in any areas of your smile?
  • Do you have a “gummy” smile?
  • Does the appearance of your teeth stop you from smiling or laughing?
  • Do you smile with your lips closed instead of flashing a full smile?
  • Are you self-conscious about your teeth or smile?
  • Would you like to change anything about your teeth or smile?

When you come in for your initial consultation, our dentist will carefully examine your mouth and discuss your smile goals. After this initial evaluation, we will be able to create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs. Give us a call for more details and to make an appointment with Dr. Howard Nguyen!