Partial Dentures Stockton, CA

Dentures and partials are removable dental appliances created to replace missing teeth. Complete dentures are available for individuals who do not have any natural teeth remaining while partials are recommended for those who still have some of their natural teeth. Dr. Howard Nguyen may recommend a denture or partial to:

  • Replace partial tooth loss (partials)
  • Replace complete loss of teeth (complete dentures)
  • Restore your facial volume
  • Improve and restore your ability to speak, chew and eat normally
  • Give you a complete, functional and radiant new smile

For the most secure results, Dr. Nguyen may recommend having dentures attached to dental implants. We can usually place your dentures in a few appointments over the course of several weeks. Once in place, you can enjoy having a functional smile and eating the foods you love again. Our dentist will also provide you with instructions on how to care for your dentures so that they remain in good condition and function properly.

Please note that you may periodically need to have your dentures repaired or receive other maintenance. Our dentist will check your dentures as part of your regular exams to ensure that they fit and function properly and determine if any maintenance is needed.

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