Gum Disease: A "Sneaky" Yet Preventable Health Issue

Our gums are often overlooked but play an integral part in our overall health. They're not only the foundations for our teeth but also a window into the health of our bodies. In this article, we're spotlighting gum disease, its impacts, prevention, and treatment methods.


What are the remedies for toothaches and sinus pain?

If you’ve ever experienced the discomfort of a toothache or sinus pain, you know how painful and disruptive it can be. Unfortunately, many people suffer from these conditions; but there is hope for relief. In this article, we will explore the various remedies for toothache and sinus pain, discuss the causes of these issues, and provide information on how to prevent them from occurring in the future.

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Dental diagnostics: How do digital X-rays work, and why are they done?

Advancements in technology and diagnostics tools have always been vital to enhancing patient care. Among these, digital X-rays have become a vital solution in the field of dentistry, transforming the way dental professionals diagnose and treat various conditions. As part of our commitment to advanced dental care, we at Dentist in Stockton, CA | Howard Nguyen, DDS, prioritize the implementation of the latest technology, including digital X-rays.


Read this if you're considering online clear aligners or other online dental products!

Many people these days are looking for a quick and inexpensive fix for dental problems. This often leads people to consider online clear aligners or other "online-only" dental products, but you should think twice before doing so.These online services are targeting cost-conscious consumers, but they don't provide the same quality of care or results that you would get from a professional dentist.