Fluoride, a mineral found in most food and water, has long been recognized as an ally in the fight against decay. Topical fluoride can help us to prevent cavities and the buildup of calculus (tartar) and plaque as well as strengthening the teeth. Topical fluoride is often found in:

  • Mouth wash
  • In-office dental treatments
  • Toothpaste

Some studies suggest that not only is fluoride helpful in preventing tooth decay before it starts but it can also help reverse some tooth decay already on the teeth. If you or your child is not receiving enough fluoride, Dr. Howard Nguyen may recommend a fluoride supplement for protection against decay. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and works to help keep teeth strong and healthy as they are developing, making it incredibly important for children as their teeth come in.

Our dentist can check your fluoride levels and assess the condition of your teeth during your regular appointments to determine if a fluoride treatment will be beneficial for you. Professional fluoride is available in several different forms, and it can be applied in just a few minutes. Our team will make sure to use the form of fluoride that is most comfortable for you.

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