Tooth-colored, or composite, fillings are used to restore teeth with minor fractures, cracks and decay.Dr. Howard Nguyen closely matches the color of your composite filling to your existing teeth for a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result. In just one visit, Dr. Nguyen can place your tooth-colored filling. During this visit, we will:

  • Remove damage and decay
  • Clean the tooth
  • Place the composite filling
  • Shape and polish the composite filling to match the tooth

Traditionally, dental fillings have been made of silver amalgam. However, our dentist and team have chosen to use composite filling material in order to ensure that your final result is more aesthetic and to promote better long-term oral health. There are many benefits to using tooth-colored filling material, including:

  • Material that bonds to your tooth, providing more support for your tooth structure
  • Reduced risk of the treated tooth breaking or fracturing in the future
  • Better insulation from temperature changes caused by foods and drinks
  • Better seals around the edges of the filling, reducing the risk of future decay
  • No mercury or other metals are used, giving you a healthier and safer solution

We would love to tell you more about the benefits of tooth-colored fillings in Stockton, California. Feel free to give Nguyen Dental Practice a call at (209) 478-6466 soon to learn more and schedule your appointment with Dr. Nguyen!