Dental Care and What to Expect During an Appointment

Dental care is what you expect to have when you have a dental appointment. It could be as simple as a regular checkup and cleaning, some necessary x-rays, or it could be some dental procedures such as a filling, a root canal, a crown, or some other things.

Important Steps for Maintaining Dental Health

First, you must brush and floss the teeth every night. I say again, every night, not every day.

Second, you must see a dentist regularly, ideally every four to six months. Having a professional tooth cleaning and a professional dental checkup will help make sure that the teeth and the soft tissue, as well as in the mouth, are in good condition.

Signs of Dental Issues

The most common signs you can see are red gums and bleeding gums. When you brush, you can see some discoloration on the tooth enamel, some brown spots, some black spots, and the teeth could be sensitive to hot and cold, or to chewing. Those are bad signs and you should seek professional dental care.

Common Dental Treatments

The most common dental treatment, surprisingly, is tooth cleaning. Everybody should have a cleaning every four or six months as needed. Next to that could be oral exams, x-rays, and fillings. Major dental services would be something like a root canal, a crown, an implant placement, a smile design, full mouth rehab, etc.

Are Dental Procedures Painful?

With the advance of anesthesia and the local anesthesia, I would say you may have a little bit of discomfort with the injection, but 95% of dental procedures are painless.

Payment Options for Dental Treatments

Besides paying by credit card, we have some third-party financing that can give you very favorable terms, where we pay the interest for you. You only have to pay the principal back to the loaner.

How Can One Get in Touch For Dental Care Assistance?

You can call us at 209-478-6466, and we are more than happy to help you.