Most common oral cancer

The most common oral cancer usually belongs to skin cancer. We have three basic skin cancers basal cell carcinoma, squeeze cell carcinoma, and the more aggressive melanoma.

When should someone seek medical advice for a lesion in the mouth or face?

If you have some kind of lesion in the mouth or around the face that won't heal in two weeks or more, then you should see a head and neck medical doctor or a dentist if it's inside the mouth.

What do you check for in a potential oral cancer case?

We usually check for the size, the color, the shape, and if it changes and won't heal in two weeks, then we recommend a biopsy so that we can determine if it's something benign or malignant.

How to prevent oral cancer

You should see a dentist regularly and keep your eyes open. If you see anything unusual, you should see us right away.

How can people reach you if they have any concerns?

You can contact me at 209-478-6466.