Dental sealants are designed to protect the chewing surfaces of the back molars, which are the teeth most prone to dental decay. By placing a clear or tooth-colored material (sealant) over the pits and grooves of these back teeth, we can:

  • Effectively block out the food and plaque that cause decay
  • Create a smooth surface that can be kept healthy by brushing and flossing daily

Dr. Howard Nguyen usually recommends having dental sealants placed on the back molars as soon as they erupt. For most people, this will occur between the ages of 6 and 12. It takes just a few minutes to place a dental sealant, and this treatment can usually be completed quickly and comfortably during a regular dental visit. While sealants are most commonly provided for growing children, our dentist may also recommend them for adults whose teeth are prone to decay.

When you receive sealants, our dentist will simply paint the sealant material onto your teeth, where it will then be “cured” or dried to form smooth, protective shields over the teeth. The protection from the sealants can last for several years.

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